Artist Statement

Laura Cassiani received her B.A. degree in Liberal Arts from San Francisco State University.
She also studied art at San Francisco Art Institute and Napa Valley College.

I am inspired by the natural world.

In a mass-produced society, we are becoming disconnected from nature. Fifty two percent of the world’s biodiversity is gone and understanding our connection to the natural world is key to our own survival. Through art, I aim to highlight the importance of nature. I integrate elements of the natural world into all of my work and I strive to shine the spotlight on nature by using vibrant color and energetic pattern.

My new series, INTERACT: Birds and Butterflies, is based on a concept of the viewer interacting with the painting. The series comprises of several paintings that I refer to as “tiles.”   The viewer can move the tiles in many different configurations in order to make their own version of the painting.

The tiles are linked to each other through color and repetitive elements of geometric and organic shapes.  Opposite of a static painting, I’m introducing a dynamic painting – intended to change with viewer interaction.

Imagery for the series are compositions of geometric and organic shapes including birds and butterflies. Whether conscious or not we interact with nature everyday. The choices we make from drinking water to eating fish all impact nature.

Ms. Cassiani lives in Napa with her husband, 2 children and Anatolian Shepard, Teddy.